IRN started the Disciple Making eXperiment (DMX) in January 2013 to raise an alternative model of impacting people across the nation. India has many struggling church planters who are longing for their own building, PA system, musicians etc. Some have been faithfully striving for this for many years, but often with very little success.

In the DMX, disciple makers are supported and sent out with the sole purpose of making disciples so that there is no need to have a Sunday meeting place or special gathering. The disciple makers just have to give time to sharing the ways of Jesus and helping the disciples put them into practice. At present, we have disciple makers in Gulbarga, Mizoram and Shillong and are expecting to recruit more from those already being discipled. It is early days but we have seen a sense of relief amongst some pastors as they have been re-envisioned to the goal of making disciples rather than church-planting. We are aware that as time goes by, disciples will gather for fellowship and teaching, but that is a fruit of disciple-making, not the goal.

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