Missing the Mark starts by looking at the failure of the worldwide church to actually make disciples. This was the instruction given by Jesus to His first disciples. And yet, almost form the first century, His followers have failed to actually make disciples. Instead, the sought to peruse things that are more glamourous and more comfortable or whatever … but making disciples was the command.

This book examines some of the tragic consequences of the fact that disciples have not been produced through the centuries. However, at this time, God is calling us afresh to be involved in His mandate to make disciples of all nations. This book will encourage you and will help you to take your first step as a disciple maker.

In this book you can also read how John Wesley is one of the few people in church history who impacted the nation. His secret was he knew how to make disciples in wise and practical way. This book will encourage you and release you into what God’s purpose is for you in your life. 

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