Books by Duncan


Breakthrough explores how God prepared Philip to make dramatic breakthroughs for His Kingdom.

₹ 50

Disciple Making

Disciple Making shares information on requirements and challenges involved in making disciples for Christ.

₹ 50

Drawing Closer to God

This workbook gives practical help to anybody who desires to get to know God better.

₹ 50

Drinking the Holy Spirit

Drinking the Holy Spirit, a life-changing study, shows how much God has promised us through the Holy Spirit.

₹ 50

Embracing Authority

Embracing Authority defines authority and how we should work with it at various levels.

₹ 50

Entering the Kingdom

This study book captures Jesus' passion to see His Kingdom established on earth.

₹ 50

Godly Parenting

Godly parenting is designed to help parents see their children grow as the Lord intended them.

₹ 50

Living by Faith

Living by Faith explores the life of Abraham and provides insights to enable you to live a life of faith.

₹ 50

Making Friends

Making Friends will help those who are naturally friendly as well as those who are shy.

₹ 50

Making the Most of Money

Making the Most of Money talks about Biblical attitudes towards our wealth and possessions.

₹ 50

Making Your Mark

Making Your Mark explains how you can start building 'monuments' in another person's life.

₹ 250

Maturing Marriage

Maturing Marriage, by Duncan and Vasanti, shows how a couple can enjoy God's best in their marriage.

₹ 50

Missing the Mark

Missing the Mark reveals the sad consequences when we do not play our part in making disciples.

₹ 250

Starting Well

Starting Well is a Bible-based teaching material that explains God's plan for beginning life as a Christian.

₹ 50

Staying Friends

Staying Friends will help all types of people to develop and maintain stronger friendships.

₹ 50

Walking in the Light

Walking in the Light helps us to understand the battle we face with sin and how we can overcome our sinful tendencies.

₹ 50

Books by Vasanti

Treasures of Darkness

In this exciting book, Vasanti shares her experiences with God.

Rs. 200

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