Maturing Marriage

Many aspects of marriage are being challenged these days. Maturing Marriage focus on examining what picture Bible paints about marriage by looking at various passages from the Bible.

First chapter focuses on the origin, steps for marriage and the vision God has regarding marriage. You will discover meaning of several phrases such as “cleave”, “one flesh” “till death do us part” etc.

 “All things in common?” talks about openness in marriage. You will come to know two key aspects of communication. The author also discusses about obstacles that hinder openness between husband and wife.

 Third chapter focuses on listening. By reading his chapter you will come to know how important it is to listen. The chapter ends with note on the importance of discovering your blind.

A simple test presented in chapter four shows how, we as human beings, fall short of love towards our spouse. The standards expected in the Bible are too high for us to meet, in flesh. Women are more loving by nature. But for men, it’s a challenge. The chapter shows some ways a husband can grow in love towards his wife.

Respect and Submit are the two most misrepresented words -especially in the context of marriage. Chapter five gives Biblical perspective on these two words. It also presents ways in which a wife can submit to Jesus and her husband.

What the Bible says about money? Is it good to have money? How money effects relationship between a husband and a wife? Read Money, Money, Money! to know more. Also, you will come to know what God expects us to do with our money. You can also read “Making the Most of Money” by the same author to dive deep into the subject.

 The seventh chapter deals with topic on intimacy in marriage.  You will come to know Biblical perspective of intimacy. The author also discusses some of the hindrances and how to overcome the same.

The last chapter discuss on four angles of divorce. Firstly, major cause for marital problem is presented. You will also get to know God’s stance on marriage and why He hates divorce. Third point presents situations where re marriage is allowed. The chapter concludes with some quotes from people who have gone through divorce. These give glimpse on what could have been done to avoid divorce.

 You will gain much by studying this book on your own. However, you will receive more blessing if you work through it with two or more people – “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17.

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