Entering the Kingdom

Entering the Kingdom

The great teaching of Jesus was to seek first the kingdom of God. But what exactly is the kingdom of God? This book goes into much detail about what Jesus meant and what Jesus intended. It shows us that when we enter the kingdom of God we no longer live according to the ways of this world to learn but we come under the authority of God, learning to obey everything He commands. Jesus becomes our King and He leads us and tells us what we should do.

Jesus expanded our understanding of the kingdom in many ways. He used parables and most of the parables which are recorded in the book of Matthew are mentioned in this workbook. The parables expand the importance of the kingdom and he teaches on so many different principles through parables, each one of which He starts by saying “The kingdom of God is like…” Then He goes on to explain one aspect of the Kingdom.

He also taught us that when we seek the kingdom we will not be religious people but will be those doing things from the heart. He was speaking in a context where religion dominated the lives of the Jews and He challenged the religious ways. To some it was refreshing when Jesus spoke this, to others it was threatening. This is refreshing for us in this day and age when there is so much Christian religion around. God is looking for people who do not conform outwardly and do right things in everybody else’s sight but who are living according to His ways with the life of Jesus working powerfully within them.

Anyone who works through this book will come away with a greater understanding of the kingdom and with a greater passion to live in a way which will please the King.

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