Vasanti’s testimony – Flying High Life was tough, bleak and hopeless and I had no time to think about my future. I was only 16 whenI took responsibility for my family and things got worse with my father’s death when I was 21.That’s when I joined the airline as a stewardess to make money for the family. By the time I was 24, I had everything – or so I thought. But I still felt empty inside. Why wasn’t I satisfied? What was life all about? The questions were not a spiritual quest – just frustration with life.

Feeling dirty

In 1973, I returned to Bombay after a 4 months posting to find my sister greeting me warmly at the door. She was my good friend but she looked different and it had nothing to do with her looks. She was peaceful and a deep joy radiated from her face. When I asked what had happened, she responded fearfully with a ‘Nothing’. After a while I saw a bible on the shelf and felt uneasy that this book was in our home. It was my sister’s and she explained that she had met Jesus and wanted her freedom to follow him, considering she was 21 years old. Furious, I warned her never to bring this so-called Jesus into our home – we had enough gods of our own. After my bath, I was ready to do my Hindu prayers but I kept seeing two identical size papers – one my sister and one myself. My sister’s was spotless white and clean, but mine had blotches. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling dirty. I knew I needed to get clean.

Cleansing power

When my sister went to church a few days later, I decided to go with her. To my surprise, I saw people of different backgrounds worshiping a God they knew, but I was aware that I did not know this God. They began to sing a song “He is my every thing. He is my all….” but I didn’t sing, as it meant nothing to me. The preacher spoke but I did not hear him as I was weeping uncontrollably – and I didn’t know why. After some minutes they sang the song again and I joined in. I felt that something had happened to me. On our way home, my sister noticed that my persistent bad language had disappeared – something tangible had happened! – and that night I slept peacefully like a child. The next day I flew to Rome. On my return flight, a passenger asked if I had become a Christian, but I said “Sir, I have realized God. I wouldn’t touch Christianity with a barge pole.” When I got home from this tiring flight I wanted to sleep. Although my sister invited me to church, I refused, but a clear voice repeatedly told me, “Go to church.” I had never heard anything like that before.

Through the cross

When I reached the church meeting, I prepared myself to relax, but, within 2 seconds, I felt such a presence. I strangely knew who this presence was and I spoke to him, “Lord Jesus, I know you are in this room. Bless each one of us here and make me a good Christian.” At that moment, something like scales fell off and I knew, as though written deep inside me, that Christ had died on the cross for my sin and that he could clean any person. I knew that he had cleansed me – and my language – through his awful death. I was now his. My destiny had changed and, ever since that day, I have not been able to stop talking about Jesus. And that is why I have given you this to read. I pray that Jesus will change your life as completely as he changed mine.

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