IRN exists to serve the purposes of God and bring glory to His name. We desire to play our part in enabling men and women to serve together with the following goals:

Equipping and training

Through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, IRN equips saints and churches to accomplish their vision. It will empower individual churches to grow in grace, make disciples and develop leaders through both short-term and long-term training programmes. IRN serves these churches using the years of experience of its members in conducting camps and conferences on themes such as Revival, leadership, worship, spiritual warfare and family life.

Advancing the Kingdom

This Network is and will always be evangelistic, zealously committed to reaping the great end time harvest. Evangelism as a way of life is encouraged, and opportunities to be involved in outreach activities across the nation(s) are provided .

We are committed not just to evangelise our society, but also to “Kingdomise” it. IRN seeks to impact secular society so as to actually change our world. It teaches Biblical truth for everyday living as well as principles of faith on how to subdue the enemy and overthrow him. Our desire is that the principles of the Kingdom are accepted as the norm for righteous living in all facets of our society, including major public institutions. One aspect of this is helping to establish successful, God-honouring Kingdom businesses.

Showing mercy

IRN is committed to showing the love of God in action to people in need. IRN members have been involved in running orphanages, clinics, street shelters, schools and old peoples’ homes for many years. The Network would encourage each church to find its God given mercy ministry and would back this up with practical expertise and prayer.


IRN aims to be prophetic, that is, able to see in the spirit realm and declare what God is doing and saying to His people at this time. It endeavours to turn these prophetic revelations into practical, progressive, realisable goals.

Working in team

Churches are taught how to establish Biblical order and government within the local church and how to develop effective Team Ministry and Leadership according to the Word of God. A team of men and women served by Duncan’s apostolic leadership guides the Network.


IRN is carried in prayer. We would do our part to bring every church into a powerful and effective prayer life, working closely with various national, regional and local prayer movements. Our desire is that church leaders and Intercessors come to a greater understanding and appreciation of each other and learn how to work much more closely together. This is a vital dimension of the “The Tabernacle of David”, which God promised to raise up in these last days.


This Network is also carried on the wings of worship and praise – another key aspect of “The Tabernacle of David”. We not only desire to be extravagant Spirit filled worshipers whenever we gather together, but we seek to bring this vital dimension of church life into all churches we serve by demonstration, teaching, special workshops and impartation.

Aiming for excellence

We aim to do all things with excellence, worthy of the King of Kings and the Kingdom He is establishing.

Aggressive in faith

Churches are trained to be full of faith, having a warrior spirit and committed to unrelenting war with the devil and his hosts. IRN aims to help churches become effective in defense and attack and to learn how to deal with demonic strongholds locally and regionally.

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