IRN exists to serve the purposes of God and bring glory to His name. We desire to play our part in enabling men and women to serve together with the following goals:


We desire to work with as many churches as possible in any city or region across the nation of India, whether they are formally connected to IRN or not. Working together will hasten the day when Revival actually comes to our cities and communities. As a result, the whole environment in which we advance the Kingdom of God will be changed and our cities will be truly transformed.


We believe that strong churches will be built as a result of our dedication to friendship. IRN is a relational network, known for grace – manifested through its compassion for the lost, concern for the poor and needy, faith in action, integrity, generosity and its passion for prayer and worship. One of our purposes is to be a family for those churches and church leaders who do not have life-giving relationships beyond their own local church. For these churches we would offer the benefits and blessing of being part of a wider network of churches which is served apostolically and pastorally by ministry gifts within IRN. As far as we are concerned, churches that already have an existing relationship, such as being part of an established denomination or other network, would still be welcome to join IRN without forsaking that other relationship.


IRN exists to serve the Body of Christ, aiming to serve in the way the Lord Jesus modeled. We desire to serve and equip leaders, leadership teams and bodies of believers – to help them grow in Christ and take hold of their own God-given spheres of responsibility. We offer preaching, teaching, training programmes, missions, publications, and conferences, and will bring pastoral encouragement, apostolic wisdom, leadership training and church evaluation.


IRN is not an end it itself. Like every living organism, it is meant to ‘reproduce after its own kind’ and our aim is that churches will give birth to new churches, and that this network will reproduce many other networks of churches to impact the nations for the glory of Jesus. We would desire to see such networks released with blessing and anointing.


This Network started as a national movement, but our desire is that God will raise up many autonomous movements as He joins more hearts together for revival. Any IRN leader, or group of leaders, who believe that the Lord is calling them to form a network outside of IRN, will be released with blessing. If churches from other nations join us in vision and purpose, we will gladly receive them in the hope that we may be able to help them establish similar networks in their own countries in due course.

We are building on real relationships and serve one another to that end. We work together, pray together, and learn together so as to bring revival to the cities, towns and villages of India. Our aim is to provide input by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who would support and help build strong local churches. We recognize and release Ephesians 4:11 ministries to serve the churches and help them accomplish their God given purpose.

As a Network we seek to be a family of churches whilst constantly desiring to be in fellowship and working relationship with the whole Body of Christ. We provide a sense of family and of belonging to something larger, and give support, advice, teaching, help and prayer covering for one another.

This Network is not intended in any way to be exclusive or elitist but would seek to embrace, strengthen and work with those who already have commitments to other groups and streams without requiring them to sever those connections. Being part of IRN must not be a substitute for good local relationships. On the contrary, our purpose would be to develop and strengthen local and regional relationships.

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