Serving the international body of Christ through anointed resources and ministries.

Tens of thousands have already been impacted for the Kingdom through IRN

Daniel: “I was a Christian for many years, and was in a good Government job. I was thinking to myself that I was a senior believer and that was full of Christian knowledge. This training made me like a child to learn the word of God. My wife and children also learned many things from me as I shared with them whatever I learned in the class.”

James: “I had just completed my higher secondary. I wanted to go for short time leadership training… I can say Leadership Training is a simple training for simple people who want to do great things for God and His kingdom.”

Michael: “DMX is one of the best things that has happened to me, I am really enjoying myself and feel a real satisfaction in seeing lives being changed.”

After a recent Marriage Enrichment seminar, one husband testified, ‘My life has been revolutionized!’ whilst his wife told us, ‘I’ve got my husband back!

Here are resources so you can play your part in advancing the Kingdom

‘The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the water covers the sea’. This is God’s promise and He longs for the day to come when His name is honoured and His ways are followed  throughout the world. International Revival Network exists to play its small part in God’s global plan.

We do this by making disciples and training people in the ways of God, so that they are learning to obey everything Jesus commanded. Obedience to the King is what brings in the Kingdom of God on earth. Many Christians settle for simply believing that Jesus died for their sins. This is a good start but it will not establish the Kingdom of God one earth. ‘Converts will certainly go to heaven, but only disciples will bring heaven to earth.’ Our focus is to make disciple-making disciples who will help to bring full revival around the world.

All you need to know about discipleship

"I have been serving the Lord since the year 1998, but I have discovered and learnt myself as a true as well as mature Christian and one of the called with a provision and purpose disciple of Jesus Christ, through DMX when it was introduced to me in the year 2014."
"DMX has shown me that I am on the right track in my walk with God. Making disciples and mainly living a life according to Kingdom values and principles is a way of life with me, I do it because it is the best way to live and not because it is a job to do. Jesus came to change lives, He changed mine and DMX now helps me to change others lives."
"I thank God for being a part of DMX. DMX is playing a major role in my life. As I am discipled, I have experienced growth in my spiritual life. Because of DMX , I have understood how much need is to be a disciple and to make disciple's. DMX study materials are a really blessing. DMX has given me a broader picture/understanding of Discipleship through scriptures."
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